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  • Surfing: Surfboards, Best Locations, Techniques, and Culture

    What Is Surfing? What do you think of when you think of surfing? Do you think of the Surfing Crab Corpus Christi or Surfing Deer restaurants at Seagrove or Santa Rosa Beach? Either offer delicious food and beverages. Or are you thinking of Jonah Hill surfing? Or maybe even Surfing Santa? What about Nude Surfing? […]

  • Swing Set Sealant Makes Your Wooden Swing Set Last Longer

    Introduction to Swing Set Sealant Swing sets are a fun and popular addition to any backyard, but they require regular maintenance in order to keep them looking and functioning their best. One of the most important components of swing set maintenance is swing set sealant – a special type of protective coating that helps keep […]

  • How to Choose the Best Arrows for Longbows?

    Introduction to Arrows for Longbows Arrows for longbows are a unique type of archery tool that has a different design and construction than arrows used with other types of bows. Unlike arrows made for use with recurve or compound bows, arrows intended for use with longbows tend to be longer, thicker, and heavier, with fletching […]

  • Archery for Beginners: Recreation, Sport And Hunting [Guide]

    Introduction To Archery for Beginners If you’re an archery beginner, whether you are interested in archery for recreation, sport, or hunting, it is important to learn as much as you can about the topic. Archery is a sport that has been around for centuries, and it is still enjoyed by people all over the world […]

  • Best Archery Gear For Beginners [Our Top Choices Only]

    You Need Some Archery Gear To Get Started Archery can be a fun and challenging sport, but it’s hard to know where to start when you’re just getting started.  It can be tough to find all the right gear when you’re starting out in archery. You need a bow, arrows, quiver, strings – the list […]

  • Traditional Archery For Beginners: What You Need To Know [GUIDE]

    Traditional Archery: What’s It All About? Archery, as a sport, can be enjoyed by people of all ages and provides a great workout. You will also find that it is a very social activity, perfect for spending time outdoors with friends and family. You can perfect your archery skills and start shooting while having fun […]

  • Fishing With A Bow [Ultimate Bowfishing Guide]

    Bowfishing Is Cool Bowfishing is the newest and most exciting way to fish. You can’t really call it fishing archery or archery fishing. You should call it bowfishing. It’s fun to get on a boat and with that boat, get closer to your prey and then shoot the fish with a stealthy arrow. Bowfishing is […]

  • How to throw a knife correctly for beginners

    How To Throw A Knife Correctly There is no doubt that knife throwing is a fantastic hobby to have, and this article will teach you how to correctly throw a knife as a complete beginner step by step. You can reach your goal of learning to throw a knife in a couple of weeks of […]

  • What Is A Compound Bow? (Archery)

    Introduction Compound bows are more powerful, easier to pull back and allow the user to hold the bow at a more relaxed angle. Because of this, this bow tends to be slightly shorter with a faster arrow speed. A compound bow requires a longer pull than a typical bow, like a recurve bow. The difference […]

  • What Is A Longbow? (Archery)

    Introduction A longbow is an asymmetrical bow for use at a greater distance than most other bows and crossbows. It consists of a pair of flexible limbs, usually wood, joined by a riser. The string used to shoot the longbow usually runs parallel to the archer’s arm at about waist height when shooting. It sends […]