How To Play Giant Yahtzee [Rules & Instructions]



Introduction To How To Play Giant Yahtzee

Outdoor Giant Yahtzee is fun but it’s also a great way to rub your knowledge of words in your friends’ faces. Obviously, this version is to be played outdoors in the great outdoors and includes the smell of wherever you live.

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Playing any game outside is more fun than playing a game inside. You can spread out and you feel like you’re actually in the game. Just being outside is healthy but when you add a fun game you’re also adding joy and happiness. Playing a large Yahtzee game is even more fun.

This fun game has been around for a long time. The current version is manufactured by Milton Bradley.

This giant game version is just like the smaller version but played in your backyard or park. The giant version has huge dice that you throw. That in itself makes the game bring a smile to your friends.

There are a few games that are similar to Yahtzee including Kismet and Yamb.

The scoring is very complicated but because you’re just filling in boxes, it makes it somewhat easier.

Here’s the scoring set up by Milton Bradley (Image 1):

yahtzee - How To Play Giant Yahtzee [Rules & Instructions]
Image 1 – Milton Bradley Yahtzee Scoring System

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Game Equipment

To play Giant Yahtzee, you will need a Giant Yahtzee set. That’s it. You can easily find a great set on Amazon or possibly at Walmart.

The game set includes five dice, a shaker cup, and scorepads to keep score.

Some sets are very inexpensive and some sets are truly expensive. We always recommend going for the least expensive set that gives you years of play. In other words, try to buy the most durable set at a reasonable price.

Game Setup

There is no real game set up. You just drag the Giant Yahtzee set outside or drive to the park and start playing.

Because this is the giant version of the game Yahtzee, we recommend playing anywhere outside and not in your living room. You will need room to spare so that your friends and family spread out and enjoy the outdoors.

How To Play Giant Yahtzee

To begin play, see who goes first by rolling the dice. Whoever gets the highest number goes first. If there’s a tie between two or more players, then roll until someone is the clear winner. Again, the highest number is the winner.

Write the players’ names on the scorepad.

The object of the game is to get the highest number in 13 rounds of play.

To play you will:

  • Roll your dice to get the highest score possible
  • Decide which dice combo that you’re going for each round
  • After your turn, write your score in an empty box

You get three rolls each turn so you can work on getting the best possible combo to fill in your score boxes.

Your first roll during your turn:

  1. Roll all 5 dice
  2. Get the combo you want, then mark it on your scorecard
  3. Otherwise, set aside any dice that you want to keep
  4. Roll your second roll with only the dice that you’re wanting to discard

Your second roll during your turn

  1. Roll only the dice that you’re wanting to discard
  2. Get the combo you want, then mark it on the scorecard
  3. Otherwise, set aside any dice that you want to keep
  4. Roll your third roll with only the dice that you’re wanting to discard

Your third roll during your turn

Roll the dice that you’re wanting to discard

Get the combo you want, then mark it on the scorecard

Otherwise, you must enter a score

If you don’t get a combo that you want, you have to at least enter a zero

Scoring System

See Image 1 above on how to score Yahtzee.

You can choose to fill out any box in any order during your turns but you must mark a box on every turn even if the score is zero for that turn.

After you and the other players have each completed all 13 turns then the person with the highest score wins. If you score over 63 points in the upper section, add another 35 points bonus.

Game Strategy

Here are a few strategies for playing Giant Yahtzee:

  • Choose the right score box for each and every turn
  • Be thoughtful and strategic in filling out boxes
  • Balance your choice between Upper and Lower scoring each turn
  • Leave your CHANCE roll for later in the game in case you need it
  • Learning to play the right boxes each turn is the key to winning games