Winter Horseback Riding Guide – Keep You And Your Horse Safe

Winter Horseback Riding Into Forest

Introduction To Winter Horseback Riding

Thinking about going Winter Horseback Riding? Need a little advice on how to get started? We created this guide to help you think about the proper way to go winter horseback riding without injuring yourself or your horse. We’ve got you covered for outdoor recreational activities

I love to ride horses any time of the year but it can be especially fun and romantic to go winter horseback riding in snowy weather.

But to keep yourself and your horse happy during the ride, you might keep reading our guide to get a better idea of how to get it done right.

So, take a minute and read this article for more information and a happier and safer ride.

Check Over Your Horse First

Before you go winter horseback riding, check over your horse first to make sure he’s able to make the ride. It’s especially important if you’re going for a long-distance ride.

Your horse might be more of or less of a softy than you think he is. You know your horse better than anyone but have you ever ridden a horse during snowy weather?

Check their feet and legs first. Make sure they look normal and healthy.

Next, check their ears, tail area, and their overall health. Are they ok to ride? If yes, let’s go. If not, then get your horse some attention it needs asap.

What Should You Do To Stay Happy During Winter Horseback Riding?

Take A Friend With You For Security And Friendship

If anything dangerous happens along the way, you will have someone who can get help or assist you when you have an accident. Plus it’s just more fun to ride with someone else, especially your significant other. Maybe a romantic ride to a location for a proposal? I’m just a romantic at heart.

What Clothing Should You Wear During Winter Horseback Riding?

You should always dress in layers expecting a warm or cool day. What are some various layers that you can add and subtract throughout the day? Check out this list:

  • Thermal or regular underwear – First Layer
  • Riding Pants And Long-Sleeve Shirt – Second Layer
  • Coat & Chaps – Third Layer
  • Winter Heavy Socks
  • Winter Wet Weather Riding Boots
  • Helmet with winter protective covering
  • Winter Wet Weather Riding Gloves
  • Spare underwear, socks, and even possibly spare boots
  • Sunglasses

What Food And Drink Should You Bring to Stay Happy During Winter Horseback Riding?

Because it could range in temperature from warm to cool during your ride, you might consider bringing these types of things to hydrate and feed hunger:

  • Water
  • Gatorade or something to replenish electrolytes
  • Snack or energy bars
  • Diced or Sliced Fruits
  • Bag of trail mix or various keto nuts
  • Meat and cheese snacks
  • Alcohol might be fun to enjoy with your riding buddies but it doesn’t necessarily keep you warm

What Accessories Should I Bring During Winter Horseback Riding?

You might consider bringing some accessories to keep you happy while out Winter Horseback riding including,

  • Hand Warmers
  • Sunscreen covering your face and your entire neck
  • Phone Charger Cord With Battery Backup
  • Backpack or Napsack
  • A separate GPS device for navigation
  • Matches for fire-starting just in case
  • Warm blankets for you just in case
Winter Horseback Riding Solo Rider

What Should You Do To Keep Your Horse Happy During Winter Horseback Riding?

You should always dress your horse according to the weather. Horses generally don’t like wet blowing weather and you should really seek shelter if you encounter wet weather like this. Be kind to your animal. I’m sure you already are.

Here are a few, maybe extreme, ways to keep your horse warm and happy while Winter horseback riding.

Don’t Overheat Your Horse

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean your horse can’t get overheated during your Winter Horseback Ride. Just like you can dress in layers, your horse can dress in layers and you must remove each layer as your horse gets warmer.

Cold Air And A Horse’s Lungs

Just like you’re affected by the cold in your lungs, it also happens to your horse. Keep the ride to a slow pace so that they don’t exert themselves and inhale too much cold air all at once over a long stretch of time.

Warm Up The Horse’s Bit Before Using It On Your Horse

If the bit is too cold then it could stick to the horse’s mouth or tongue when you stick it in the horse’s mouth. Be careful and protect your horse. Use some common sense.

Winter Weather Horse Blanket

Firstly, don’t let your horse get too hot from wearing a horse blanket even during Winter riding. If they get too sweaty, they could start to shiver and get too cold. 

Buy a complete Winter weather horse blanket for your horse that keeps him warm from his chest to his hindquarters. Keep him warm. Try to keep the blanket dry and clean.

Horse Hoodies

Yes, you can buy horse hoodies for your favorite animal and wear them when you’re out riding your horse in cold weather. The hoodie covers its head down to the bottom of his long neck. This will keep in warm. But again, don’t let your horse get too warm.

Horse Boots And Wraps

To keep from injuring your horse while out riding in Winter weather, you might think about covering the lower legs of your horse. This one thing might keep in from hurting himself while out on the trail. You don’t want a horse to come up lame while away from civilization.

Winter Horseshoes

Talk to your local farrier, and let them know your intentions of Winter horseback riding with your favorite horse. He might recommend a pair of Winter horseshoes. The Winter horseshoes will keep your horse from sliding and skating around.

Give Him His Favorite Healthy Treats During Winter Horseback Riding

Your horse is like you. They love treats while on the trail. Keep some of his favorite healthy snacks available to give him while riding. Keep him happy and warm and you will have a great ride.

Don’t Ride In Icy Or Freezing Conditions

Your horse might have trouble on severe icy or freezing paths or road conditions. Try to stay away from icy patches in front of your horse.

Conclusion To Winter Horseback Riding

We have given you a few suggestions and some very good advice on how to keep you and your horse safe and happy during winter horseback riding.

You will thoroughly enjoy winter horseback riding but you have to remain vigilant for both your horse and yourself. Take this article along on your ride to refer back to it from time to time.

We hope you enjoyed our Winter Horseback Riding Guide. Please share it with your other horseback riding friends and family.

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