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Is Beer Pong a lot like Quarters?

Quarters is and always will be a drinking game. It is kind of a disgusting game looking back now. Having to flip a quarter into a shot glass filled with some sort of alcohol, and then drink that “dirty quarter” shot of alcohol. Yucky now in my later years but back then it was fun to drink a dirty quarter shot.

Beer Pong is very similar to Quarters with some small differences or variations. Just like Quarters, the object of the game is to make your opponent drink something by tossing something into something.

In the game of Beer Pong, you’re trying to get your opponent to drink the solo cup full of beer by successfully tossing a Ping Pong Ball into a red solo cup full of beer from across a table. In Quarters, you’re trying to get your opponent to drink a shot of something by bouncing a quarter off the table into that shot glass.

The difference is what equipment you have to use to play both games. In Quarters, you play with a quarter and a shot glass. In Beer Pong, you play with a Ping Pong Ball and a traditional red solo cup. The rest of the rules and ways to play for Quarters are very similar to Beer Pong.

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Is Beer Pong A College Game?

Yes! Beer Pong is a college drinking game for sure. I’m not sure if there’s a study or statistic to back this up but yes this game is played in college. You see a Beer Pong playing area in most college campus bars.

Playing this game has always reminded me of college. Although this game really wasn’t invented yet while I was going to college, Beer Pong still reminds me of going to college. When I was going to college, the game to play was Quarters.

Is Beer Pong A Great Game For College?

Yes! Beer Pong is a great game for college. Because Quarters was always my favorite drinking game in college and because it’s so similar to Beer Pong, Beer Pong is also a great game for college.

How To Play Beer Pong?

The best play area is a fairly long rectangular flat-surfaced area. You first set up ten iconic red solo cups into a triangle on both sides of the gameplay area. The triangles are similar to bowling but the triangles are on both sides of the play area. The number of solo cups on both sides is up to you.

Two teams play against one another to see who can get the opposing team to drink more. Each team gets to throw a Ping Pong Ball toward their opponent’s red solo cups. You score by landing your thrown Ping Pong Ball into any of your opponent’s ten solo cups. You continue to play taking away a cup every time someone lands a Ping Pong Ball and the opposing team has to drink from that cup. Remove that cup from play. The first team to get rid of all their opponent’s cups is the winner.

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Game Rules [Rules & Instructions]

This game is becoming as iconic as Quarters and you need to know how to play while working on your education. Fundamental or maybe just mental. You decide. Let’s learn the rules and how to play Beer Pong so you can quickly get up and running. You definitely need to make sure you’re up to speed on this game before making a fool of yourself by asking your new girlfriend for the rules.

So, start reading and let us know if we need to make any changes to this article. Also, maybe give us any variations that you’ve tried in actual gameplay.

Game Equipment

The game equipment for Beer Pong is relatively simple. To play Beer Pong you will need:

  • Several Ping Pong Balls
  • Ten 18 oz (530 ml) red Solo cups or something similar
  • Table or an actual Beer Pong table

For the table you can use a folding banquet table or Ping Pong table. The table needs to be at least smooth and rectangular. The table needs to be wide enough so that you can’t get a shot on a cup every single throw.

The type or make of Ping Pong balls aren’t that important. They just need to be hallow and heavy enough to be tossed across the table.

The cups are best if they’re the red Solo cup type. They’re easy to find in any supermarkets and you might also be able to get Ping Pong balls there at the same time. Yes, some supermarkets have Ping Pong balls in the same aisle as the red Solo cups believe it or not. They’re probably in the alcohol area as well. lol

Game Setup

Setup table away from all distractions. On the table, arrange 10 cups into a triangle and then another 10 cups on the opposite side of the table into a triangle. Then begin to fill up each cup with beer. Grab at least two Ping Pong Balls or Beer Pong Balls and give one to each team. You’re now ready to play Beer Pong.

How To Play Beer Pong

The object of the game is to eliminate all of your opponent’s cups from the game area.

After setup, one team goes first attempting to toss or bounce their team’s Ping Pong ball into the other team’s cups from across the playing table.

If either team tosses a Ping Pong ball into any of the remaining opposing team’s cups, then that team has to drink the contents of the cup and remove their cup from the playing area. The other team now gets their chance to toss the Ping Pong ball.


If that same team attempts to toss a Ping Pong ball into any of the cups but misses, the other team gets their turn.

You continue to take turns tossing the ball into the opposing team’s cups until a team runs out of cups in the playing area.

Scoring System

If the opposing team has all of their cups eliminated from the game area, the team with at least one cup still in play is the winner.

Game Strategy

To be good at Beer Pong and not become the team that constantly loses every game, you need to play like you want to win. That is the best advice for playing Beer Pong.

Make sure your ball is dry before you throw it. You want it to fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

You can also constantly distract them by saying funny things like how they missed a shot or how the other team isn’t great at this game. You know, game talk. Don’t flail around to distract their shooting though. This is a very amateur move on your part.

Practice your shooting is another way to win. Learn what works best for you whether it’s tossing high, low, or bouncing off the table.