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how to play bocce ball game

Introduction To How To Play Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is a fun game to play with friends in your backyard or at a park. In some communities, the local park has a Bocce Court already set up for play.

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It’s super simple to learn to play. You can play with 2 players or you can play with two teams with as many as 4 players per team for a total of up to 8 players. After 8 players it becomes slow and sluggish.

This game goes back to ancient times but has made a come-back in recent decades. It gained its popularity with Italian Americans bringing this game to America.

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Game Equipment

To play Bocce Ball you only need a very simple Bocce Ball set that you can easily purchase online. This is one of those games that doesn’t require much in the way of game equipment.

To play Bocce Ball, you will need a Bocce Ball set that includes:

  • 8 Bocce Balls (green, yellow, red, blue)
  • 1 Jack or Pallino or we like to call the Target
  • Something to measure, like a measuring tape

That is all you need. You can buy any type of Bocce Ball set that you want from inexpensive to very expensive. Keep it simple.

Game Setup

To play Bocce Ball you will need a reasonably sized lawn or space. A Bocce Court is the area of your yard that will be designated for playing. A defined court, with exact measurements, is preferable but come on…you’re playing in your own backyard. Keep it simple.

The actual dimensions of a Bocce Court are 13 feet by 90 feet but again any size lot or area is ok to play. No one in your group is probably an expert anyways.

Each individual or team will receive a total of four balls each per individual or team, for a total of 8 balls played each round. Keep the colors together to make sure you know which ball belongs to whom.

How To Play Bocce Ball

You first start with the Jack or Pallino in hand. We will call the Jack or Pallino the Target from here on.

You can decide who goes first in many different ways such as flipping a coin or by being a gentleman or gentlewoman and letting the other player go first. Have fun! You will get your turn.

The first player will throw the Target toward the opposite side of the Bocce Court. Now both individuals or teams will be aiming for the Target at the opposite side to see who will get closets to the Target to gain points.

The person who first throws out the Target gets to go first. Next, each individual or team alternate throwing the Bocce Balls at the Target until all the Bocce Balls have been thrown.

After all the Bocce Balls have been thrown by both individuals or teams then you will add up the scores and this ends the round.

Next, you will start another round by letting the person who went second go first this time and playing from the opposite side of the court. You don’t have to play from the opposite court if this is a hassle. You can play each round throwing from the same side if you want.

Scoring System

In playing Bocce Ball, you will need to keep score. You will be playing in rounds. The first individual or team to score 12 points after playing multiple rounds wins the game.

The individuals or teams will each alternate throwing their Bocce Balls toward the Target. The object of the game is to throw your Bocce Balls as close to the Target as possible. The closets to the Target earn the highest points.

After all the Bocce Balls have been thrown for the round, you must measure the distance for each Bocce Ball from the Target. You won’t actually have to measure all the balls, maybe just the two that are closest to the Target. You can even eyeball the distance and have everyone agree.

The distance will be used to determine the points assigned. The one who is closest to the Target wins 1 point. If you are touching, on top of, or leaning in any way on the Target then that is worth 2 points. If both teams get a Bocce Ball closest to the Target, then the round is a tie and no points are scored.

You keep playing rounds until a winner is determined.

The first individual or team to reach 12 points after all the rounds wins the game. You can alternatively play with more than 12 points to win or even play with fewer points to win. It’s up to you. It’s your house. Play with your rules.

In addition to playing above, if a single individual or a single team gets two Bocce Balls closets to the Target, then that individual or team gets two points. Because you’re playing with 4 balls per team, then if you get any additional balls closets to the Target, then you get a point for each of the balls that are closest to the Target. To get all 4 points, you can’t have any of your opponent’s balls closer to the Target than any of your balls.

Game Strategy

Throw the Bocce Ball underhand toward the Jack or Pallino. This will allow you the greatest control over tossing the Bocce Balls.

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