How To Play Disc Golf [Rules & Instructions]



Disc Golf

Introduction On How To Play Disc Golf

Disc Golf is very much like golf in almost every respect, including playing on land that resembles golf courses with the end desire of sinking your disc in the metal chain-like hole. Poetic right? Plus, you get frustrated because it seems like you’re never getting any better at the game, just like golf. But you just keep playing.

So what is it about this game that is so much fun? It’s because the game is about getting out with friends, or even alone, walking around in a beautiful setting, competing while having fun, and possibly drinking or smoking some adult entertainment.

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What is not to love. So, let’s talk more about getting set up with the right equipment and head out to play. But first, we need to go over some rules and find out a great place to play.

So follow along and if I make a mistake concerning the rules, please let me know where I error. Thanks, and enjoy!

What Is The History of Disc Golf?

Anecdotal evidence only, I believe and so do a number of people, that Frisbee is actually the beginning of Disc Golf, and the targets were also an off-shoot of the Frisbee industry and Frisbee game promotions. So there you go anti Frolfers!

The Frisbee brand carried the development of the industry of today.

It was the desire to make a better disc and play with a better target on beautiful land resembling a golf course and wrapping rules that are similar to real golf that created the game of Disc Golf. Did I sum up the history in a simple, neat little package? Let me know!

Is Frolf The Same As Disc Golf?

No. You can’t call Disc Golf…Frolf. It’s a completely different game.

Do you remember, “Pardon Me But Do You Have Any Grey Poupon”? It was a snooty commercial trying to make mustard sound expensive so they could charge more for the mustard. But that mustard is still on shelves today because of that commercial and it does cost more than the cheapest brand. It was all in a name.

Disc Golf is another one of those. It sounds snooty but in reality, it’s the proper name, and let me make my case.

Whether you call it Frolf or Frisbee Golf, it’s probably better to call the game that you play like golf with specific discs, Disc Golf. It’s the proper term for that game.

Disc Golf is played very similar to golf, including your choices of discs such as; drivers, wedges, irons, and putters. Sounds like golf right? Playing golf with a disc; disc golf.

Disc Golf is sometimes called Frolf but the differences are quite distinct. Frolf is a game that you can make up the rules as you go or you can have very specific outcomes and it can be played almost anywhere. It’s a fun game. I love Frolf.

You play Frisbee Golf or Frolf with a Frisbee.

The important point is you’re playing with a Frisbee. Frisbee is a brand name for a plastic disc that is manufactured for families to purchase cheaply. You can throw a frisbee in a junkyard, beach, or backyard and have fun doing it but you shouldn’t call that game Disc Golf.

The discs that you use in Disc Golf are made specifically to play Disc Golf. They’re very aerodynamic for playing Disc Golf. Their size and weight are made for playing Disc Golf. Hence, Disc Golf is the proper name for the game you play like golf and you use discs with names that sounds like golf clubs. lol

Let’s Learn About Disc Golf

I’m sure you get the point and I won’t talk any more about Frisbee Golf or Frolf. Let’s move on to a fun and exciting game called Disc Golf.

Need Rules For Games?
If you want to play more games. We probably have the rules for the game. 
Game Rules [Rules & Instructions]

Game Equipment

To play or practice Disc Golf you need at least 3 discs, including a driver, iron, and putter.  But you might get at least six discs of various types and a bag to carry them in.

That’s it. But don’t forget some adult beverages and snacks and you’ve got a real game. Please drink and drive responsibly.

So, it’s pretty easy to get into Disc Golf as you can see. Real golf would have you ride a golf cart or carry your bag on a pull cart. You can easily carry your stuff in a small cloth duffel or a small backpack. Or oh my gosh, you could just carry the discs. Be a minimalist.

Game Setup

Most of the time, Disc Golf players play in an area that is already set up and ready to play. Usually, play is done at a local park that has set up a playing area just for Disc Golf players.

Where Can You Play Disc Golf?

I love the UDisc website. It’s a great way to find Disc Golf courses throughout the country. I go here first to find a place near me. You can Goggle a location in any city and something is bound to pop up.
Go to app to find Disc Golf locations, Disc Golf Stores, and league information. You can also read their blog for more information on the game of Disc Golf.

In my area, there are a few local County and City Parks that have excellent Disc Golf courses that you can play for free. Sometimes you have to make a reservation but it’s still free.
Do yourself a favor and go check out the UDisc website today.

How To Play Disc Golf

Keep in mind these are our “Simple Rules Version” so if you need real Disc Golf rules then go here. Our “Simple Rules Version” follow “golf with your friends” to the tee.

Someone goes first and then everyone else gets to follow. The first player precisely throws their Driver disc down the fairway. They follow up with a throw using their iron to get even closer. Once they get close enough to the metal chain target, they use their putter. Sinking the disc in the target is the goal.

Everyone else is doing the same thing during their turn. You can keep score or just practice and enjoy yourself.

The one with the least amount of throws over the entire course wins. If you want you can even use mulligans and do-overs to have more fun. There’s always someone who keeps a close eye on their score and everyone else’s too. So, just laugh at them and go on with your day.

Whoever is furthest from the hole will need to get caught up and they’re the ones who will go next throughout play. If you’re the furthest from the hole after everyone goes in turn, then you’re the one to go next. It’s just like a friendly game of golf.

That’s really it for our “Simple Rules Version” of Disc Golf.

Scoring System

The scoring system for Disc Golf is very similar to playing the real game of golf.

You count the number of strokes or throws that you make during each hole. Whoever gets the lowest score at the finish of all the holes wins the game.

Game Strategy

Make sure to buy a complete set of at least three different discs. This is key just like the key to playing real golf is to have a full set of clubs to at least include a driver, wedge and putter.