How To Play Mölkky [Rules & Instructions]



how to play molkky


Mölkky is the crazy addictive outdoor throwing game from Finland. It can be played on gravel, grass, beach, dirt, or any fairly smooth outdoor surface. Anyone can play this fun game. This is a fun outdoor activity that you can play almost any time of the year.

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The object of the game is to set up 12 pins (shown below) and then attempt to knock over the pins using The Mölkky throwing skittle at a distance of about 10 feet or 3 meters.

The first player or team to reach exactly 50 points wins the game. If a player or team goes over 50 points then their score is automatically reduced to 25 and then that player or team will need to play toward 50 points once again to win.

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Game Rules & Instructions

Game Equipment

Game equipment for Mölkkyis very basic. To play Mölkky, you need a basic Mölkky set that includes:

  • 12 Mölkky birch wood pins numbered 1-12
  • “The Mölkky”, which is the throwing skittle that you toss at the numbered pins to knock them down
  • “The Mölkkaari”, which is the throwing line placed approximately 10 feet or 3 meters away from the set up numbered pins

Game Setup

To play Mölkky, you place the Mölkky numbered pins on the ground in the order as shown below in the image. Next, you walk 10 feet or 3 meters away from the Mölkky numbered pins in any direction to fit your backyard and place The Mölkkaari throwing line down on the ground. Again, The Mölkkaari throwing line needs to be 10 feet or 3 meters away from the Mölkky numbered pins. You’re now ready to play Mölkky.

How To Play Mölkky

Any number of players can play Mölkky or any number of teams can play Mölkky as well.

Figure out what player or what team goes first and so on. Each player or team will get a chance to play. If a player misses the numbered pins completely for 3 consecutive turns, then that player is eliminated from continued play and they can keep score for everyone.

You must always toss The Mölkky throwing skittle underhand. Never throw overhand.

To start, the first player tosses The Mölkky throwing skittle from behind The Mölkkaari throwing line at the numbered pins 10 feet or 3 meters away. (Write down the score by using the scoring system below)

After each throw, the pins are stood up again in the exact location where each pin fell by the last thrower. Make sure when the last thrower finishes that they pick up The Mölkky and stand up the numbered pins exactly where they fell. This is important! Do not worry if the pins look scattered across the game field as the game progresses. The distance between pins as the game progresses will allow you to be very targeted to reach your exact score of 50 points as you progress in the game. Just remember that if you miss hitting any of the numbered pins for three consecutive turns you’re out of the game.

Scoring System

Write down a player’s score after every turn until someone reaches exactly 50 points total for all the rounds. If someone reaches exactly 50 points, they are the winner. If someone goes over 50 points their score automatically goes down to 25. They will have to try for 50 once again.

To add points to a player’s score for their turn:

  • Knocking over one pin = the number marked on the one pin knocked over
  • Knocking over two or more pins = just the total number of actual pins knocked over

Game Strategy

As the numbered pins begin to scatter while playing; it becomes easier to make your 50 points because you can more easily target the exact numbered pin that you need to win.

For instance, you’ve got 40 points and the #10 numbered pin is far enough away from the oth

er pins to make it easy to knock over to win. Toss for the #10 numbered pin and win!