How To Play Giant Jenga [Rules & Instructions]

How To Play Giant Jenga [Rules & Instructions]

Introduction To Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is played exactly like the original smaller version of the game. It is meant to be played outside in the fresh air. You can play Giant Jenga inside but it’s so much more fun outside.

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Game Rules [Missing Manuals]

These large oversized blocks make it perfect to enjoy outdoors. You get a sense of the game’s hugeness that properly fits in the outdoors.

This is a fun game that can be played by anyone in your family. Older or retired adults may find it easier to play with a game this size as opposed to a normal set.

Game Equipment

To play Giant Jenga, you will need a Giant Jenga set. That’s it. You can easily find a great set on Amazon or possibly at Walmart.

SWOOC Games – Reclaimed Giant Tower Game | 60 Large Blocks | Genuine Jumbo Toppling Yard Backyard Games Set Storage Crate/Outdoor Table | Starts Over 2.5ft Big | Max Height of 5ft
  • ♻ RECLAIMED WOOD: Sustainably Sourced, refinished, and upcycled New Zealand Pine. Oversized blocks and crate have meticulously rounded edges with an extra smooth finish. Lifetime Warranty covers splitting, cracking, twisting, and warping.
  • ✅ PROPRIETARY SMOOTH PULL FINISH – Over 40% easier to slide blocks out with our exclusive Smooth-Pull finish! Sticking blocks make the game frustrating and short. Now you can play faster and build taller!
  • 💦 WATER & WEATHER RESISTANT – Whether it’s for the game room, by the pool or at the beach. This big game is built to last. Varnished and sealed to withstand the splashes, humidity, and heat.
  • 🔝 60 GIANT BLOCKS: That’s 6 extra blocks versus the classic board game (Hint:Rhymes with Zenga). Starts over 2.5ft tall (24in blocks and 8in game table = 32in total). Max height of 5 ft during game; Each block is (L) 7in x (W) 2.31in x (H) 1.12in
  • 📤 STORAGE CRATE / GAME TABLE (Light Assembly Required): No more bags that rip or tear. Easy to carry; Becomes table to play on wherever you are. Perfect for indoor or outdoor stacking fun, backyard, bbq, tailgating, beach trips, camping, bars, etc.
GoSports 5 ft Giant Wooden Toppling Tower – Includes Bonus Rules with Gameboard – Choose Your Style
  • GIANT SIZE: Tower starts at 2.5 ft tall and grows to over 5 ft during play – Includes 54 Giant Blocks (18 rows); Each block measures 7.75 x 1.5 x 2.5 inches
  • DRY ERASE BOARD: Includes dry erase board to make your own optional party rules, goofy rules, adult themed rules, and more
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Hand selected knot free pine blocks
  • CARRYING CASE: Includes robust canvas carrying case for easy portability and storage of blocks and accessories
  • CLASSIC GAMEPLAY: Pull blocks out of the body of the tower and replace them at the top without the tower falling over

Game Setup

The player that builds the tower is the first to play. Being the first to play normally doesn’t have any advantage, so don’t always be the one to volunteer to go first. You can also draw straws or flip a coin to see who goes first.

To set up Giant Jenga, you will need a Giant Jenga set and then set up the tower following these instructions:

  1. Place three Giant Jenga blocks side by side with the wider side facing up for each block.
  2. Place three more Giant Jenga blocks the same way you did for the first three blocks but perpendicular to the first three blocks
  3. Continue to build the Giant Jenga tower, in the same way, alternating the three blocks so that every new layer is perpendicular to the last three blocks
  4. Do these steps until the Giant Jenga tower is built

How To Play Giant Jenga

Any number of people can play in our version but try to keep it down to 2 to 3 players maximum for the most enjoyment. You can always play more games later for those that don’t get to go first.

To play Giant Jenga, you first need to decide who goes first. This is normally determined by whoever built the Giant Jenga tower. You can decide who first gets to build the tower by drawing straws or by a flip of the coin.

Once you decide who goes first, player one slides or pushes a block from any level of the tower that is below the very top level and places it on the top level of the Giant Jenga tower. You can’t push a block from the top of the Giant Jenga tower. Wait 10 to 20 seconds to see if the tower will fall. That is the end of that player’s turn.

The next person will push or slide another block from any level of the tower that is below the very top level and they also place the pushed block on the top level of the Giant Jenga tower. Wait 10 to 20 seconds to see if the tower will fall. That ends the next player’s turn.

You continue to push or slide Giant Jenga blocks from the tower by alternating player turns until someone causes the Giant Jenga tower to fall.

When the tower falls, this is the end of the round. You can then pick new players or continue with the same players.

If you continue with the same players, the person that caused the tower to fall is the one to rebuild the tower and gets to go first.

Scoring System

A player can only touch the Giant Jenga blocks with one hand to remove a block. A player can only remove a block from below the topmost level of the Giant Jenga tower.

To win, the player that last successfully pushes a block from the Giant Jenga wins the game, if someone else that follows unsuccessfully tries to push a block out. Simple rules. In other words, if you push or slide a block out and stack it on top of the tower successfully but the next player doesn’t, you win.

Game Strategy

To play Giant Jenga, it’s fun to have a strategy. Keep these things in mind while playing Giant Jenga:

  • Push the blocks through the tower and don’t pull them
  • Use your left hand to push the blocks through if you’re right-handed or vice-versa
  • Remove the center blocks first
  • After you’ve removed all the center blocks, then tap an outside block to the center for tower stability and then remove another block
  • Go slow

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