How To Play Giant Connect 4 [Rules & Instructions]

Giant Connect 4 Game Reduced

Connect 4 is similar to tic tac toe in many ways. It’s extremely easy to learn just like tic tac toe but this game is a tad bit harder to master. This giant connect four yard game will make your friends jealous.

Connect 4 is a game from Milton Bradley but there are other very similar games that are called other names in other parts of the world. It’s called Gravitrips in Russia and Four In A Row in other places.

Anyone can play this giant connect four yard game. It’s a universal game that everyone has probably already played or even owned. It’s very addicting. Once you start, you just want to keep playing. It’s very fun.

A Giant Connect 4 is even more fun because you’re usually playing this version in the outdoors. Playing in the outdoors is what gives this game a new life. It’s amazing to play a game like this while you’re waiting on the hot dogs and hamburgers to cook at a cook-out or backyard bar-b-que (BBQ).

The giant connect four yard game is just what you need to keep your guests occupied and have fun at your home party.

Combine Giant Connect 4 (giant connect four yard game) with Giant Jenga and you’ll be the most fun house on the block. Everyone will want to come to your home for party fun. You could also add horseshoes or bocce for more backyard fun.

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Game Rules [Missing Manuals]

Game Equipment

To play Giant Connect 4, you will need a Giant Connect 4 set. That’s it. You can easily find a great set on Amazon or possibly at Walmart.

The game includes a  game board and 42 checkers (21 black and 21 red checkers). Make sure to find a Giant Connect 4 game that is weather-resistant so that it lasts for many seasons of gameplay.

The game board is basically a grid with columns and rows that stands vertically instead of horizontally. The game board itself has 7 columns and 6 rows. This is the game’s gameplay area.

Giant connect four yard game is normally held up by feet attached to the game board’s lower section so the Connect 4 game board is held up vertically for gameplay. This allows the checkers to fall straight to the bottom when you place a checker in one of the game board’s columns.

Our choices for the best Giant Connect 4 sets on Amazon

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Game Setup

Set up for Giant Connect 4 is extremely easy. The game is normally all put together. You might have to attach the feet. You just place the Connect 4 on an outside table with a smaller version or freestanding on the floor for the largest models.

Make sure before you start the game, that you take all the “checkers” out of the game. The game is played with a clean slate. 

Separating the checkers by color, place all the checkers in a neat pile next to each player.

That’s all you need for setup!

How To Play Giant Connect 4

The object of Giant Connect 4 is to get four checkers in a row similar to getting three in a row in tic tac toe.

You can choose who goes first by either drawing straws or flipping a coin. Whoever goes first in the first game will go second in the second game and so on.

The first person drops a checker down one of the columns. The next player also drops a checker down one of the columns. You keep alternating each player dropping checkers down the columns until all the column/row combinations have been occupied by all the checkers.

If during play, someone is the first to connect four checkers in a row either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically, then that person is the winner.

If no player gets four in a row after playing through all the checkers, then the game is a tie. You’re going to have to challenge someone again to play giant connect four yard game.

So, either the game will result in a tie or someone will get four in a row to win. Those are the conditions.

You can clear the board of all the checkers and start a new game.

Scoring System

The first person to connect four checkers in a row either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically is the winner.

You can either declare the winner after one game or you can count each win as one point and continue to play until you’ve reached however many points you want to play to determine a winner. Tie games do not get any points for either opponent in this version.

It’s your game, play it how you want to play it. House rules!

Game Strategy

If you’re the first to go in a Giant Connect 4 game, make sure to place your first checker in the very middle column first. This gives you a slight advantage during gameplay.

Otherwise, if you’re the first to go and don’t place your first checker played into the middle column, then it’s more than likely that the game will end in a tie or draw.

I didn’t make this up. You can check this article titled Connect Four by Wikipedia that describes the theoretical outcome of a Giant Connect 4 game.

 If you’re second and your opponent places their first checker in the middle column then don’t place any of your checkers on top of your opponents unless you’re trying to break four in a row. If you’re the second to play, instead place a checker in one of the other empty columns.

If you’re not the first player to go, if your opponent hasn’t taken the middle column, then you immediately place your checker in the middle column.

Always try to take the middle column at the beginning of the game.

There are websites that can help you get better at beating your opponent playing Giant Connect 4. You can play a game against an opponent while also using the Connect Four Solver. The Connect Four Solver website will interactively give you the best next moves while playing with your opponent. Great way to also learn how to play.

  • Here are some other strategies that you can use to play better at Giant Connect 4:
  • Control the center of the board
  • Watch what your opponent is doing and block their moves
  • Constantly play on the offense
  • Plan a few moves in advance
  • Set a number 7 trap

The number 7 trap is based on setting up your moves that make a number 7 during play.

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