40 Adult Fall Outdoor Activities [ANSWERED]



40 Adult Fall Outdoor Activities [ANSWERED]

Introduction to Adult Fall Outdoor Activities

This is a great time of the year to try new and exciting adult fall outdoor recreational activities. According to Buzzfeed, Fall is second only to Spring for everyone’s favorite season of the year. Now is the best time to get the office together or to hang out with people you only know through social media or Zoom. Be the instigator to bring people together for Fall.

If you’ve got a fairly large backyard then doing adult activities with friends is amazing during the Fall Season. If you don’t have a large enough backyard, then hanging out at a local park is just as exciting.

We’re going to talk about what makes adult outdoor activities so much fun and then list 40 or more adult Fall outdoor activities. With a list like this one, you’re bound to find at least one adult activity that will bring a smile and happiness to your friend’s week.

So, keep reading this article and you will come away with a great experience with your friends and family.


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Why Enjoy Adult Fall Outdoor Activities?

Winter is mostly gloomy, snowy, and a time when it’s just too cold to get outside for outdoor activities. Fall is a time that comes just before Winter obviously, so it’s important to get out and stretch the legs before you’re limited in outdoor fun. Plus, it’s now time for the cool-off of Summer heat.

Fall can be even more fun when you get together with your adult friends and do adult-type activities, like drinking and saying things that are better not heard by children. You know what I mean.

So, break out the whiskey and beer and celebrate being an adult this Fall. Don’t forget fun activities to bring your friends together. That’s why we’re putting together this list of adult Fall Outdoor activities. For you to be a hero and make them all happy. So continue to read the article and take away at least one thing you can do with your buddies.

Woman Carrying Pumpkin from Pumpkin Patch

40 Top Adult Fall Outdoor Activities

Some Outdoor Drinking Games

  • Beer Pong
    This is a classic drinking game with the full intention of making someone else drink until their full. There are so many variations that you can play.
  • Knees, Stomach, Head, Rock Drink
    The object here is to place a mat on the ground and have two competitive people kneeling on the mat facing each other. A simple rock is placed an equal distance away but out of reach of the two people. A third person says either knees, stomach, head, or rock. When “knees” are said, the competitors touch their knees, “stomach,” said then touch stomach, “head” touch head. If “rock” is said then the two competitors rush to claim the rock first. The loser that doesn’t get the rock first has to drink.
  • Loser Drinks Spikeball
    It’s just like Spikeball but the loser after every round has to drink.
  • Winner Picks Cornhold
    It’s just like Cornhole but the winner picks whether he drinks or the opponent has to drink after each direct cornhole through the hole.

We urge you to not drink and drive after attempting any of these drinking games. Let someone else who hasn’t been drinking take your family, friends, and co-workers home

Halloween Fun

  • Decorate your home scary
    This is classic fun. Decorate your home scary and then invite your friends over for a cookout and fun. This is one of our favorite picks for adult Fall outdoor activities.
  • Stuff scarecrow competition
    Google “stuff scarecrow” and gather materials. Watch as your friends race against each other to stuff the best scarecrow.
  • Visit haunted houses
    Used to be that the best-haunted house was somewhere in your neighborhood. Some guy put together an amazing display for neighbors. Well, now there are places in your community to go and see one or more professionally prepared haunted houses. Great for adult friends to meet and have fun. This is one of our favorite picks for adult Fall outdoor activities.
  • Create a new Halloween costume and host a Halloween costume party
    Most folks might attend one or more Halloween parties every year. Invite your friends over to have a Halloween costume party before setting out for more adventures that night.
  • Watch Halloween movies
    Invite friends over to your home to watch a bunch of Halloween horror movies. You might include the movie “Halloween” in the mix. This is one of our favorite picks for adult Fall outdoor activities.
  • Carve a pumpkin competition
    Make fun with a pumpkin carving contest. The best pumpkin wins a local massage. This is one of our favorite picks for adult Fall outdoor activities.
  • Go on a ghost tour
    Most communities have ghost stories and legends about certain locations or buildings in their town that might be fun to go to several scary places over the evening.
  • Go to an actual ghost town
    Have you ever been to a real ghost town? Usually, ghost towns can be quite boring but with friends and scary stories, it could be amazing together especially if you bring shots of Jager with you.

Get Into The Game

  • Go to a local team game
    When was the last time you went to a high school football game? Well, Fall is the perfect way to go back in time and go to your old alma mater to see a football game. Root on the home team with friends.
  • Host a football or World Series party
    World Series is in early Fall and football runs all Fall. Host a game at your home and decorate for success. Don’t forget to bring snacks and drinks. This is one of our favorite picks for adult Fall outdoor activities.
  • Tailgate before the game
    Add this event while attending the local team game. Enjoy each other’s company before actually sitting down to watch the game. This is one of our favorite picks for adult Fall outdoor activities.
  • Play Flag football or Touch Football
    You might even play a quick game of touch football while at the tailgate event. Don’t exclude the ladies from playing. It makes it more fun. This is one of our favorite picks for adult Fall outdoor activities.

Simple Things in Life

  • Go to a local vegetable farm
    Most communities offer small local vegetable farms that you can go to hand-select the garden’s delicacies. Bring some wine and party in the car before going in. This is one of our favorite picks for adult Fall outdoor activities.
  • Go to a local pumpkin patch
    Pumpkin patches aren’t just for kids but most are however. Speak to a local pumpkin patch about making this year’s event adult’s only fun. Tell them it might be more profitable to try something different. This is one of our favorite picks for adult Fall outdoor activities.
  • Shop at a Farmer’s Market
    Farmer’s markets are full of fun things to buy and good foods to eat. This year, include all your buddies and keep the kids at home.
  • Take a nature hike
    A good nature hike might be the answer to group together your friends for a little exercise and drinks in the parking lot afterward.
  • Collect Fall leaves
    I added this one because Fall leaves are beautiful this time of the year. Try making an event out of it. Maybe you have enough nerd friends that might want to make leaf collecting fun and possibly competitive.
  • Take a hayride
    Go with your friends to a local hayride that allows alcohol consumption. This is one of our favorite picks for adult Fall outdoor activities.
  • Visit a local corn maze
    Corn mazes are usually a small cornfield owner that likes to have fun building corn mazes to give people something to do. Well, ask the cornfield owner if you can come up with a day for adults only to join in the fun. He just might agree. This is one of our favorite picks for adult Fall outdoor activities.
  • Make leaf piles and jump into it
    Nothing crazier than to see all your friends rack up the leaves prior to jumping into them for fun. 
  • Fly a kite competition
    Make a competition of building and flying your own kites. Make groups to compete against one another.
  • Fall or Halloween Themed Scavenger Hunt
    Scavenger hunts are so much fun and you can theme the scavenger hunt for Halloween or Fall.
  • Go birdwatching
    Bird watching as a sport? Well, now you and your friends can compete to fill out a scorecard that you create that keeps track of all the birds you and your friends watch outdoors.
  • Make a bonfire and make s’mores
    There is nothing more that says Fall than building a bonfire and making s’mores. It is easy to fire up the BBQ grill or fire pit and gather the ingredients to make s’mores. This is a tradition that you have to include in any event you host. This is one of our favorite picks for adult Fall outdoor activities.
  • Create an adult Fall or Halloween Science Experiment
    The easy way to choose a fun experiment is to involve your friends. Send over a link to a google search page and have the group make a decision on the experiment. Then pick a day to gather and experiment away.
  • Host apple cider tea party
    A nice gathering of friends or co-workers to drink apple cider tea and eat assorted snacks
  • Make Fall crafts with friends
    Let your friends know what craft you’re going to make together. Whether it’s decorating a pumpkin pillowcase or filling a basket with Fall stuff, your friends will have fun and you can later judge the best craft. The winner gets more apple cider.
  • Make hot chocolate
    This should go along with making s’mores. You should do this at every adult event. Make sure to add Bailey’s Irish Creme to make the hot chocolate taste better.
  • Make pumpkin-spiced something
    Oh man, pumpkin-spiced anything has been growing in popularity over the years. Maybe because it hits that desire for something spicy and Fall-ish.

Go Somewhere Else 

  • Rent a cabin in the mountains
    What better way to get away during Fall than to hit the road with a group of friends or family and rent a beautiful mountain cabin.
  • Take a weekend road trip as a group
    Fall is the best time to get away for a long weekend road trip and go somewhere that seems to reek Fall. Go to somewhere that the leaves have already started to turn and fall.
  • Attend a Fall festival in another town or even in your own town
    Fall festivals are f-u-n. They can fill so many different Fall feelings in one location. Pick a good one that offers things to do for adults.
  • Take a Fall train ride
    There are many locations in the United States and around the world where you can take a Fall train ride. These usually don’t go too far but the train can pack all your friends for some good old times. See if you can rent the entire train car for just an adult version of fun.
  • Visit a botanical garden
    Fall is about outdoor fun and visiting a botanical garden is an outdoor paradise of fun and excitement. Most decorate the foliage for the Fall season.
  • Go to an amusement park (especially if Fall themed)
    If you’re one of the lucky ones that have an amusement park nearby, then you and your buddies can pack up and head over there for some Fall or Halloween-themed fun. Most amusement parks decorate in a Fall or Halloween theme every year during the season.
  • Find an Octoberfest in your area
    Octoberfest is about adults drinking and having fun while drinking. It’s usually modeled after the beer gardens in Germany. The food is great too. Get a group of friends together and make reservations as early as possible.

Conclusion to Adult Fall Outdoor Activities

So, we’ve just given you more than 40 different activities that adults can do without children around. Even if kids are around you can have fun with your friends and family and do adult activities. Just send the kids to go play somewhere else. lol

Share this list with your friends and see if they can pick at least a couple of ideas to have fun this Fall and Halloween.

If you’re needing other adult outdoor activity ideas then read our other article for 20 more great adult outdoor activities.

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