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Introduction to Adult Christmas Holiday Outdoor Activities

Christmas holiday time is my personal favorite time of the year and a great time to plan adult Christmas holiday outdoor activities. It’s a moment of amazement just before the new year begins.

Waking up as a young boy, opening presents, and then rushing outside to play all day. The food was always amazing during that time of the year and everyone was giving out gifts and snacks. I still love the Christmas holiday and adult Christmas activities to this day.

This time of the year is about entertaining your family, friends, and co-workers. What a perfect time to gather around inside and start adult Christmas holiday outdoor activities. But it’s still more fun to have fun things to do on the outside, even during the cold months. The cold months can be very fun and exciting times to get together. Get yourself outside!

So, let’s go over why we should enjoy adult Christmas holiday outdoor activities, and then we will list 40 ways to go about enjoying it. With a list like we have, surely you’re going to find one, two, or more that you like and your group can call its own.

Keep reading this article and you will come away with a great experience with your friends and family.

Why Enjoy Adult Christmas Holiday Outdoor Activities?

Winter can be bleak. It can be dreadful. Or it can be a fun and exciting time to get together with your adult co-workers, family, friends and celebrate friendship. 

Even in the midst of Winter, the Christmas holiday is always a time of happiness. There are opportunities for tiny to huge adult-type get-togethers all the holiday long. At those huge gatherings, you could include a few adult, outside activities to make them even more memorable. 


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Being with friends, family and co-workers make you happy. Enjoying adult Christmas activities with people you’ve just recently met or better yet people that you’re continuing to build moments together, is a way to break the gloom. Am I right? So why not start new adult Christmas holiday outdoor activities.

Doing all these things as adults will make it an even better experience. There’s nothing like a gathering and alcohol. Hanging out and shooting a few shots is a great ice breaker. 

Enjoying adult Christmas holiday outdoor activities and having a few drinks makes it even better. Just do it sensibly and make sure no one gets hurt or drives home intoxicated. Take away the potential offender’s keys before he or she leaves the gathering.

So, get out there and plan your next activity using our Top 40 list as a guide.

Snowball Fight

40 Top Adult Christmas Holiday Outdoor Activities

  • Build a Snowman
    This is a must if you have plenty of snow so that everyone gets to participate. You can build snowmen that don’t look like snowmen but instead maybe a celebrity or your favorite movie or book character. This is one of the best adult Christmas holiday outdoor activities.
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt
    Hide various shots of alcohol around the yard for your friends to find. When they find the shots, they have to drink it. Yee Haw!
  • Winter Camping
    Plan an overnight camping trip, maybe even in your backyard, that demands that no one leaves until morning. For safety reasons, you should obviously call it quits if it becomes too much. Safety is first. Bring stuff for smores. Make it fun! Tell ghost stories and make a fire.
  • Snowball Fight
    Pick two teams worth of your friends, co-workers, and family, then let the snowballs scream. Don’t play with ice as that might hurt someone. This is one of the best adult Christmas holiday outdoor activities.
  • Snow Sculpture Competition
    More artistic than either snowmen or throwing snowballs is to use the snow for snow sculptures of all kinds. Whoever wins gets an alcohol prize.
  • Ice Fishing
    I saw this on “housewives of someplace”. They went out as a group to drink but to also catch some fish. What’s more fun than sitting around catching cold wet fish and a shot of Patron Tequila. Not my favorite but it’s loved throughout the North.
  • Ice Skating
    Nowadays, you can go ice skating in just about any large city or community. Pack up and get your group to ice skate. Watch out for melting ice patches. Make sure you know how to save someone if they go in too. This is one of the best adult Christmas holiday outdoor activities.
  • Street or Pond Hockey
    An extension is to strap on skates to play hockey. In the street version, you can use inline skates instead of ice skating.
  • Touch or Flag Football
    This is one of the most played games for winter outdoors fun. Just about any High School in your area has a football field available for play. Bring your friends and choose sides but be nice. It’s meant for fun. We used to play skins and shirts version and man it was fun but cold.
  • Shovel Snow for An Elderly Neighbor
    Get a group together and before you play other games and have fun, go as a group and clear off a neighbor’s driveway and sidewalks. You will be blessed for doing it.
  • Skiing
    You can do any version of this sport with friends, co-workers, and family, including back-country cross-country skiing. Dress warm and bring plenty of food and alcohol.
  • Sledding
    Finding a place to sled may not be hard to do when you’ve had a recent snowstorm. Get a couple of inexpensive sleds or those styrofoam sleds and head to the hills for fun. This is one of the best adult Christmas holiday outdoor activities.
  • Snow Tubing
    Like Sledding, snow tubing is all about moving down a hill at high rates of speed by using a good push and gravity. You just need a blown-up tire inner tube.
  • Snowshoeing
    This is much like a hike in the woods but instead of trying to walk in heavy snow and getting buried knee-deep in snow, you actually walk on top of the snow and stay relatively dry.
  • Snowboarding
    Although I’ve never snowboarded, I’ve heard it’s easier to do than to try and learn regular downhill skiing. I guess it’s easier to steer. What do I know except that I’ve heard it’s a blast and it’s on my bucket list.
  • Stargazing
    During winter months, it seems that during calm days and nights the air seems crisp and you can see for miles. Stargazing is just the ticket for your group to go out and wish upon a star.
  • Winter Hike
    If you have groomed areas or tracks that are available for hiking, then a winter hike is so cool. Lol Need I say more. It is truly fun adult Christmas activities.
  • Get Christmas Tree & Decorate
    Drive down to the nearest Christmas tree lot and pick out a tree to decorate. While there is they offer things to do, then enjoy. Invite your friends and then later have them help you decorate. Don’t criticize their designs or you might lose them as a friend. Be open-minded. This is one of the best adult Christmas holiday outdoor activities.
  • Volunteer at Community Food Bank
    I’ve actually done this with friends and it is the best thing you can do during the holidays. You’re not there to laugh or make fun of the people who need help. You’re there to do something good for humanity and for the less fortunate.
  • Polar Bear Swim
    This is another thing that is on my bucket list but it’s not at the top of the list for sure. I hear it’s safe and fun as a group but I don’t like cold water and never will.
  • Outdoor Workout
    Before you and your friends begin the heavy drinking that comes from gatherings, take time for a quick workout in the front yard. Let the neighbors see the fun and have them join in.
  • Winter Group Run
    An amazing thing to do during the winter with friends, co-workers, and family. You will appreciate their company while moving around the neighborhood. You might do it at night to take in the Christmas decorations.
  • Meet Dog Friends & Go for Group Walk
    If you have a dog or dogs and your friends have dogs too, then getting together to walk your dogs in a group is pure fun and is high on the list of adult Christmas activities. Most dog owners love their pets and would love a group event.
  • Play in the Snow
    Just go out and play in the snow. I’m not going to say anything else. This is one of the best adult Christmas holiday outdoor activities.
  • Go Mountain Biking
    Get a group together, drive to the mountains or groomed trails and go mountain biking. Obviously, it’s more fun if you and your friends already mountain bike. Don’t criticize if someone wants to bail back to the car to warm up. They’re probably the smart ones going back to the car for a heater and some drinks. 
  • Horseback Riding
    Horseback riding in snow or in the cold is amazing. It makes you feel you’re going back to nature. Plus, the horse does all the work. You’re just passing the bottle to your friend while enjoying the cruise.
  • Make Snow Angels
    Obviously, if there’s snow, there should be snow angels. Hold a competition to see whose snow angel looks the best. This is one of the best adult Christmas holiday outdoor activities.
  • Rent a Snowmobile
    If snowmobiles are available in your area, then renting one should be a breeze. Forget this if you’re coming for adult Christmas activities fun in Las Vegas. I don’t think you can find a single snowmobile anywhere around.
  • Play Tag
    This is a classic and can be played in snow or cold conditions. When you tag someone, don’t hit them to hard because they might be near frostbite and it could hurt doubly. Or maybe it wouldn’t hurt at all if they’re frozen. lol
  • Play Capture the Flag
    Capture the flag is another classic and should bring a group together.
  • Snow Fort
    Who doesn’t love a good snow fort? I’m sure I’m not the only one. You can even build several snow forts and throw snowballs from the forts.
  • Winter Backpacking
    Go backpacking with a group who likes to backpack. Don’t bring those who have never gone backpacking or you’re in for a ton of grief. They will gripe and complain about camping firstly and next gripe about the cold.
  • Drive Neighborhoods & Look at Lights
    Oh my goodness, this is a fun thing to do. When I lived in Lubbock, Texas I’ve never seen so many neighborhoods that were decorated with great Christmas lights. Las Vegas has its share too. I bet your neighborhoods have great places to go see.
  • Go to a Christmas Event in Your Area
    Pick an event. Pick any event and go with friends and family. Afterward, you can go back home and celebrate. Maybe the event itself is all about enjoying Christmas treats and drinking.
  • Play Bocce Ball
    Playing Bocce Ball is fun under every circumstance and can definitely be played with teams. It is a team sport even if there are only two players interested. Set up a play area just for Bocce Ball
  • Play Frisbee Golf in the Cold
    Play regular Frisbee Golf but in the cold freezing, windy park. You will love when you’re done and you’re celebrating.
  • Outdoor Photo Contest
    Get a group together and go outside to take iPhone or Android photos. Make it a contest by judging the results at the end.
  • Outdoor Picnic
    Picnics are fun. They can be even more fun when you get family, co-workers, and friends and go to the park for an outdoor bbq picnic or just a regular picnic.
  • Do Walk-A-Thon for a Charity
    The holidays are great for remembering those that utilize a charity. Keep them in mind and go on a walk-a-thon to raise money for the charity. You will be glad you participated in these adult Christmas activities.
  • Go Bar Hopping on Foot
    Bar hopping is amazing. You go from one pub or bar drinking and having fun. Well in this event you walk from one pub to another pub. That way no one is driving while drinking.
  • Attend a Christmas Parade
    Watching a parade can be fun. Watching a Christmas parade is always fun. Get your friends, bring blankets and attend a parade in your area. This is one of the best adult Christmas holiday outdoor activities.
  • Treasure Hunt for Alcoholic Drinks
    Have the host hide alcoholic drinks and have the remainder go out and find the drinks. Watch as everyone gets excited by the treasure hunt.

Conclusion To Adult Christmas Holiday Outdoor Activities

​​So, we’ve just given you more than 40 different activities that adults can do without children around. Even if kids are around you can have fun with your friends and family and do adult activities. Just send the kids to go play somewhere else. lol

Share this list with your friends and see if they can pick at least a couple of ideas to have fun this Christmas holiday.

If you’re needing other adult outdoor activity ideas then read our other article for 20 more great adult outdoor activities.

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