20 Fun Winter Activities With Your Horse

20 Fun Winter Activities With Your Horse

Introduction To Winter Activities With Your Horse

Don’t you just love your horse? But sometimes during the winter months, you tend to forget the horse is alive. Why? Because you don’t want to venture out in the cold any longer than you have to.

Well, don’t do that! Just feeding them isn’t enough. Keep them on your mind and keep you on their mind too. They will love you coming to see them and better yet, share an activity with them.

There are so many different activities that you can probably think of but we’ve listed 20 Fun Winter Activities With Your Horse, so now there’s no excuse for not having a reason to go hang out with your horse today.

Keep reading this article and try out at least one or two activities that best suit your horse and you. Again, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your horse friend.

Now keep reading and go have fun with your horse!

You can also read our guide on Winter Horseback Riding. It’s a good resource for learning to ride your horse in the snow.

Why have Fun This Winter With Your Horse?

Horses are much like people and they love it when you engage with them. You need to bond with your horse so that he knows that you love and care for him.

Horses love to be entertained and love to hang out with you. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your horse friend. They will love it and it will break their monotony.


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It’s just as good for you as it is for them. You will enjoy more ways to bond with your animal. You will love the friendship and have a better bond. Your pleasure will increase the more you’re out with your animal.

They will learn to respect and befriend you with all the attention. So, go out where you keep them now and start sharing activities with them now.

Fun Winter Activities With Your Horse

Here are 20 Fun Winter Activities With Your Horse that you can still do when there’s snow out:

  • Sleigh rides are fun
  • Walk him around the yard by the lead
  • Go on an extended ride through the woods
  • Bond by grooming him for an extended period
  • Massage your horse
  • Teach your horse simple tricks to do when you’re not riding him
  • Teach your horse to do simple tricks with you on him
  • Let him try various healthy snacks
  • Play him your favorite music
  • talk to him while doing chores
  • Learn better horse care by Googling and then practicing on him
  • Create a small obstacle course for him to ride through
  • Create a video of him and you
  • Put him in a trailer and take him somewhere new
  • Ride him at a local semi-indoor riding track
  • Ride him around the city, unless you live in a huge city
  • Get him to accept scary things by pre-conditioning him
  • Find your horse’s favorite petting or scratching spots
  • Braid is mane and tail
  • Teach your horse not to move when you need him to
  • Give him a new horse toy and play with him

Conclusion To Winter Activities With Your Horse

We’ve given you over 30 Fun Winter Activities With Your Horse and now go out and have fun with your buddy horse. He’s dying to see you and you’re probably dying to go see him.

Now you have 30 reasons to go see him and engage with him. He will love you for it. You will grow stronger together with simple winter activities.

Horse; here I come!

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